• Royal Flush

    Interview with Flame

    I like to stay engaged in the culture to see what’s going on in people’s minds and what they think is important in this time...

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  • New Perspective

    Interview with Tedashii

    Tedashii continues to be led only by those things that are God ordained, the end of his music career seems to be nowhere in sight.

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  • Southern Pride

    Interview with Alex Faith

    Being raised in the south may have shaped Alex Faith’s personality, but being re-born in Christ cemented the transparency he has become known for, especially..

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  • Indie Spotlight

    Indies Making Moves for the Kingdom

    In this issue, we chop it up with Erica Mason, B-Luv, Giel & Transparent.

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  • City Takers

    Interview with Scott Free

    Scott was at an event sharing his testimony when he saw people surrendering their lives to Jesus and laying down their “adult” films, magazines, and...

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The Rep Da King Mag is a quarterly magazine launched in the Fall of 2013. Each edition of our mag will bring you all of the latest and greatest within Christian Hip Hop as we bring more exposure to the genre.

Our coverage will be committed to our growing and diverse audience. Without compromise, The Rep Da King Mag will remain committed to documenting the total lifestyle surrounding Christian Hip Hop.

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